Why should you work with us? For lots of reasons…

#1: Make an impact

We’re only at the beginning of our journey and right now you’ve got the chance to have a say in the path the company takes, giving it your personal touch.

#2: We love it, we live it

We’re firmly convinced that our products will not only succeed, but also set new standards in every regard. With the right know-how and no shortage of passion we’re perfectly poised to make things happen.

#3: We dress casual

A dress code is the only code we’re not familiar with, and we’ve got little interest in hierarchies. A respectful and friendly work environment is guaranteed.

#4: Hamburg

It’s worth visiting the world’s most beautiful city in any case, but what about being able to say you work in the centre of Hamburg, alongside Google and Axel Springer Verlag?

#5: We stand behind you

Only a satisfied employee is a good employee. We ask a lot of you and therefore we give you a great deal of recognition, responsibility and support in return. Together we’ll find out what motivates you personally.

#6: No 9-5

You decide when the morning begins. We’re not interested in who sits in the office the longest. We want to achieve results and that’s all that counts.

#7: We keep fit

Computers tire the mind and body. To compensate we provide free food and drinks, sport and joint events.